Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh the Stress of Being Cafeteria Food

Ugh. I hate having to do research papers. I have five due on Tuesday, well actually four research papers and one that's just a slight reworking of the previous ones for a total of five papers. Confusing, I know but its what I have to do. Plus I have a presentation in British Lit. II class that I forgot about until this morning that I have to do for my 9:30 class tomorrow. So no stress here. Oh, wait I do have stress, a lot of it. If you are interested in buying slightly used negative stress contact me I'll sell it to you at a discount price. Kidding, I'm kidding.

On an unrelated subject, I hear a fair amount of people complaining about the university's cafeteria food. Most recently was this afternoon before my Western Civ class, by a friend who I'll call for this post FratBoy. Every time I hear someone complaining I have a hard time not thinking to myself "Grow up. It isn't gourmet but it's edible. Plus it won't likely kill you." I think that mostly people miss the food that they get at home and either don't realize or don't care that the cafiteria staff have to prepare food in bulk to make sure to have enough for everyone. Which true can sometimes lead to it sitting out on the buffet longer but that's one of the down sides to the system. They also typically can't add to much spice because if they did some wuss would complain. Oh, wait that's happened, someone complained how they got sick. Which in its self would have been of benefit, since they may have had an allergy to what they ate. That is if they could have figured out what they ate.