Thursday, May 04, 2006

"...He still doesn't realize he's a horse."

A friend recently introduced me to a flavour of potato chips that I never knew existed until than. Steak and worchteshire sauce, very interesting I might add. It may or may not sound good at first but it really is a good flavour. Yes, for those of you who are thinking it I do have a some what odd taste in food. With liking wasabi peas and now the steak and worchteshire sauce potato chips, you may be wondering what I'll add next. I have been introduced to foods that, in my opinion, are weirder. For example ginger beer, my roommate introduced me to ginger beer (non-alchoholic). I think that it's definately an aqcuired taste. Don't get me wrong it isn't horrible but isn't quite for those who are neophobic. The reason is that it has a fairly strong honey flavour mixed with a ginger flavour. The honey taste caught me off guard but the ginger I expected.