Monday, August 31, 2009


Sony recently did a redesign of the Playstation 3. With the redesign they also sliced the price by about $100 dollars. I think that it looks decent enough with it's matte black and gray paneling. However, I prefer the  shiny black exterior. I haven't heard if it handles any differently but I imagine that the internal components are essentially the same. Well, mostly anyway I've seen the new PS3 at a nearby Wal-Mart with a 120 gig hard drive and haven't been able as of yet to determine if that's standard. In response Microsoft has dropped the price on all of it's different versions of the 360. 

In related news Sony is releasing a new version of the PSP in a couple months, October 1st to be exact. It looks pretty cool. Instead of having the screen, d-pad and all the other buttons all on the front of the device the PSP Go's screen slides up to reveal the thumb stick and the buttons. One problem that I've read about is that the screen is smaller. Another problem that may should have been addressed is the relatively low battery life. Will it be worth the $249 price tag? I personally don't think so.