Thursday, September 06, 2007

" bad."

The two nectar's of life. What are they? Coffee and beer. The latter in moderation of course. I will only be touching on one of these ever so healthful drinks during the course of this post. I will be basically reviewing the beers that I have tried to this point. Whenever I refer to the body  I am referring to the taste of hops. 1) Budweiser is absolutely horrible. Seriously. I'm not even going to apologize for that statement because there is nothing to apologize for. It essentially tastes like what I imagine carbonated horse piss to taste like. 2) Bud Light was oddly only marginaly better in my view. This may have been because it wasn't watered down. I say this because I halfway suspect that the place where I had the regular Budweiser watered it down. It still wasn't great unwatered or not. 3) Grolsch is great in my opinion. It has a good medium body. It smells just as good as it tastes. 4) Corona Light isn't horrible but nothing outstanding. Damming with faint praise I know. The next two are brewed by the Boulevard Brewery Co. 5) Unfiltered wheat beer is a nice mild beer with an interesting faint sweet undertone. I'd recommend this one to those who either like or want the full hops flavour. 6) Pale Ale a bold beer with a full bodied flavour too it. If you aren't used to this it may seem like a kick in the teeth. So be warned in advance if you aren't already aware of this fact. 7) Samuel Adams cherry wheat beer is a fairly pleasant mild beer. Plus it goes great with hickory smoked ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches. Ok, true the next isn't technically a beer but still is worthy of mention. Woodchuck Draft Cider is a good tasting cider. I honestly might have forgotten that it was alcoholic if it didn't have a faint taste of alcohol to it.