Saturday, April 21, 2007

" one wants to watch a smoldering hole."

Thursday night as a break from the end of the semester hassles I went to watch Grindhouse because I had a free movie pass. It was a decent enough combo. This post isn't about the movies  it's about the experience that I'm sure that we've all experienced. People who don't seem to understand that in the theater you shouldn't talk during the movie. I had some idiots sitting behind me to the side who didn't seem capable of refraining from talking. What's worse is that they kept on getting up. Getting up once, maybe twice, during a movie of that length might be fine if that's all that they did but in conjunction with talking and having a cell phone open through at least a third of the movie I mean really. They weren't talking on the cell phone as far as I know but I think they had it open because I saw the reflection out of the corner of my eye. Seriously people if you go to a movie have at least some class and be polite to others. If you want to talk during a movie at home that's your concern. However if you're at a theater and there are others watching the movie with you get your head out of your butt and shut your mouth. To end the post on an amusing note I will direct you to a Strong Bad email that deals with this issue.