Friday, January 26, 2007

What I do not give...

I watched Curse of the Golden Flower last night. It wasn't bad but you have to be interested in that type of movie for it to be really worth watching. I say that because I could see it getting boring fairly quickly for a person who weren't interested in a wire-fu type movie. Curse of the Golden Flower is a bit slow through most of the movie. However once the action really starts picking up towards the end of the movie, it is a bit more interesting. Don't take that as me saying that I thought that the movie was boring. I thought that it was an interesting movie through out. The cinimatography was pretty good in my opinion. There were several shots where I was downright amazed at how they chose to the certian camera angle that the had. The Battle scene at the end was quite interesting simply because of the sheer number of soldiers on screen. True, the vast majority were CG, you could tell, that won't really detract if you aren't too anal and as a result chose to be nit picky about movies being really true to life. Do I recommend Curse of a Golden Flower? Yes, but with the caveat that you be interested in wire-fu movies.