Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fair? Maybe not...

I don't really understand why when playing the multi-player aspect of a game why people screen watch. I mean really aren't these people good enough to hunt the other people down without resorting to what basically is cheating? This little rant comes about as a result of a bit of an argument while playing Halo 2 about an hour ago. I admit I'm not great but I'm not bad. I might should that I'm not 100% purely innocent of catching a glimpse of the other people's screen from time to time. This however isn't not me going out of my way to look at it to determine where they are or to avoid getting shot at. I just happen to catch movement out of the corner of my eye and just glance for about a couple seconds and than look away. What gets me is the people who make a habit of looking and using this as a means of winning. Also when these same people are confronted about this they weakly attempt to justify themselves with the excuse that everyone has the capability of looking so it must be fair. Well to anyone who reads this post and is a screen watcher guess what? No, it's not really the fairest thing in the world.

Here's an analogy, maybe not a perfect one but hey who cares. A piece of candy is in a store everyone who walks into the store and walks down that isle has the opportunity to steal that piece of candy but only one person does. Is it fair to the store? The other customers who walked that isle but didn't steal the piece of candy? To the customers who didn't even go near the candy?Everyone who walked down the candy isle had a chance to steal that piece of candy but that doesn't make the theft of the candy fair to anyone.

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