Thursday, November 02, 2006

They're not here, so they *must* be over there.

I was eating dinner with some friends tonight and one of them said how he wished that he had a time machine so that he could take the liberal Bush bashers back to when Saddam was in power. The purpose of this was to show these people that yes Saddam did have WMDs and was going to take over the US. I just about yelled at him because he tried using the lack of evidence of the WMDs must have meant that Saddam hoisted them off on someone(bin-Ladden). That claim right there made me nearly want to rip his head off because of how stupid he was being stupid. Bear in mind that this guy is my friend so I don't dislike him. I just get really, really mad when someone tries to convince me I'm wrong and that they're right when they're using faulty logic. The faulty logic that I'm talking about is that lack of evidence is not evidence for somethings existence.

I'm not quite sure what's worse. The fact that my friend is just about as bad as any liberal when it comes to using faulty logic or that he tried using it on me.

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