Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's a joke!!!

**Keep in mind as you're reading this post that I voted Republican in the last Presidential election. And that I'm not one of those left wing extremists. So no scathing comments are to be left, ok?**

In one of my classes the other day we were started a group project and I made a joke about VP Chaney. It wasn't anything bad about him personally or politically but I still got a shocked look from some of my group mates and even a comment about it. I quickly explained that it was just a joke and that I did vote for Bush/Chaney. The joke dealt with Chaney's hunting accident. I admit that the joke was quite likely uncalled for and possibly mean but I thought that it was a bit funny. Don't be asking me to post what the joke because otherwise I might be getting people flaming me and I don't want to be banning people from commenting. To much of a hassle.