Saturday, August 05, 2006

Silly puppy...

Over the summer I've been living with my parents. Recently some younger people have moved in to the empty house next door. Well, my point is that the younger people are really irresponsible. The latest irresponsibility to the fairly long list is that they've recently gotten a black lab puppy. Do these people have a fenced in yard? Do the keep the puppy indoors? Do they restrain the puppy from running around free? No on all counts. This really annoys me to no end. Why? Because not only is it extremely irresponsible but it's also illegal. I think that people like this should not only have their pets taken away but also not allowed to ever have another animal, not even a fish.

All of this comes up because as my family came home from Wal-Mart earlier the neighbor's puppy came running up to us begging for attention. We just ignored it because it was wanting attention and if we gave it the attention it wanted and needed we'd only encouraged it to wander off.