Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman and the American way

"...the American way." Three words. If all they are are words than why leave them out? PC is a tool of petty bureaucracies and their owners. Or some such thing like that. Ok, if you want to accept the argument that Superman/Clark Kent aren't technically from Earth or even the U.S. an as such makes him more of a man of the world. According to this argument he is more of a protector of the whole planet than sure that might work. That is if it weren't for the fact that he landed in Kansas. Kansas is in the middle of the U.S.

I bring up this obvious little factoid is to use it as a stepping stone to my next point. My next point is that when the planet Krypton exploded he was made an orphan. Which made him eligible for adoption. How do you fill out that form for adoption? Check the box for a Kryptonian baby? "You want a Kryptonian baby, sorry we're fresh out. Oh, wait we just happen to have gotten one a day ago." Normally I would support going through the correct channels to adopt a child and immigration but this was a special case.

So is Superman American? More than he is British, Chinese, or South African. Does he still have an obligation to the whole world? Yes, if he can help people in those countries.