Friday, June 02, 2006

To sasquatch, or not sasquatch? That is...

I watched the last 30-40 minutes of one of the most craptastic monster movies that I have seen in the last year. It was on the Sci-Fi channel. The movie was called Abdominal. True, I only saw the ending but still just based on that little of the movie I can confidently say that it was horrible. Why you ask. Well, let me start with the overall appearance of the sasquatch. It just looked like a big extra hairy human with really bad teeth. I admit that I don't know what one of these creatures would look like if they really were to exist but I could bet money that it wouldn't look the way that it was depicted.

Another thing is that the sasquatch was breaking into houses to get to the people inside and eat them. The problem that I see with that is that who's to say that sasquatches are blood thirsty man eaters? I have only read of two claims of attacks on humans by sasquatch-like creatures. Whether those actually were true or by sasquatches has yet to be confirmed, but I digress.

There was something that just didn't seem that it should have worked from what I saw. BTW I should warn you that I'll just give something away about the movie. The hero of the story, I didn't catch his name, put his station wagon in reverse to hit the sasquatch which subsequently pinned it to a tree. The hero took one of his shoes off and put it up against the gas peddle but there was no way that it could have stayed at least from the camera angle that the shot was shown from. That could just be me being a stickler.

There was another sasquatch movie immediately afterwards. This movie was imaginatively named Sasquatch. I'll post on this one later when I get the chance.