Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Truth is Out There...

Over dinner the other day some friends were discussing the whole conspiracy of the moon landing being filmed in a studio. One of them said that eventually the government would make a full disclosure of the incident. So I ended up telling the one that if the government had filmed the landing in a studio somewhere my friend was being extremely niave for believing that the government would ever make a full disclosure about the incident. Just about the only reason that I can see that the government would come clean about the situation, if they did film the moon landing as the cospiracy therory states, is if they were forced to but only possibly to cover up for something else. They however would likely spin it in their favour.

I however don't believe that the government did fake the moon landing. I mean really, why bother? I know many of the theories but they almost seem comical. I don't mean to say that the moon landing couldn't have been a hoax but I don't see much point to it. I also am not saying that the government isn't covering anything up either. I'm too much of an X-Files fan to not believe that the government isn't covering something up.