Saturday, May 27, 2006

Late Breaking News

I realize that this a bit late but I am just now getting around to posting about it. Please bear with me on the lateness of the posting, also please forgive me. I only caught the tail end of the President's speech on Monday of last week, the one on illegal aliens and the guest worker program, etc. However as soon as I heard him mention the guest worker program I knew right then and there that he was taking the wring course of action and not being firm enough. What he probably needed/needs to do was/is to have all of the illegals kicked out of the country and if they want to return as legal immigrants well they should wait their turn like any law abiding person should, citizen of that country or not. That's the least of what President Bush should do.

Will he actually do that? No, he'll not even come close to that I can almost promise it. Why am I so certain of this? Well, think about it for a minute. He went to war with Iraq at the wrong time, and now this. Of course, I'm sure there have been other things in between the start of the war in Iraq and Bush's "meaningful punishments." I'm just not going to get into them. My point is that he hasn't quite handled things exactly the way that he really should have. I'm not saying that I think Bush is a total screw up but rather not managing things as well as he could have.

I don't consider myself an expert of politics so if my analysis of the situation seems a tad off or shallow, thats why. Questions? Comments? Than go for it, leave it/them.