Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Uh...what did you say?

In the tradition of last year I'm continuing what I'll call for now "Did just hear/say that?" I was just walking past one of the dorm buildings two people were walking the other way. The chick had picked up the end of a hose that the maintenance guys had left hooked up. I heard her say, most likely to the guy that was walking with her, "Turn me on," meaning turn the water on. As a point of clarification she was pointing the hose towards a parked car of guys who had their music possibly a tad to loud. I could tell that she obviously didn't realize that as she was saying it that it could be taken differently than how she meant it.

However, as soon as those words were out of her lips the full meaning of what she said hit her. I personally was greatly amused at the accidental pun.