Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Unknowing Participant

I'm beginning to think that college dorms are nothing but psychological/sociological studies. Colleges have a the studies population each year literally signing up to unknowingly partake in this experiment. Obviously each schools sample size is going to be different and there will be some fluctuation from year to year Think about it, unless people arrange with their friends to be roommates they'll be placed with a random person. Not only that but a fairly large amount of people will be living in close proximity to each other. What I mean is that the rooms will be close and people are likely to make noise in the halls. People may also blair their music loud enough to be heard in the halls and through floors, walls and/or ceilings. Also, in some dorms there are shared bathrooms.

Now this thought may sound unethical, as it may well be, but it almost seems fun. That is if you aren't being a sub-uh- I mean participant. And no I'm not saying that colleges are actually conducting this hypothetical study. I'm just having fun with the situation.