Saturday, February 10, 2007

"...our pets heads are falling off!!!"

Trying to be funny by reenacting a scene from Dumb and Dumber after a long day was funny but may not be a good idea. I say this because I wasn't paying attention. So here's the  set up to the story. At dinner a friend and I had some slices of jalepeno left after eating the rest of the meal and I "bet," it's in quotation marks because it was more of a dare than a bet, that whichever one of us that ate the twelve slices would win fifty cents. I lost because I chewed the slices too long but I digrese. I without really thinking about it grabed a ketcup bottle that was open and starting reenacting the scene. I guess that I should explain why it was a long day. I helped judge a forensics tournment and don't really have much background in A)judging this type of thing and B) the whole forensics thing. To tell the truth the fact that the bottle was open didn't really register when I picked it up. I think that saw that it was open but it just but I just  wasn't paying much attention.  Plus, I didn't think that I squezed the bottle all that hard. It  was vaguely funny in an embarressing sort of way. Thankfully I was with friends who will  only likely make fun of me for the next few months. ;) I don't mind too much since I admit that I'd jokingly tease a friend for a while for this type of thing.