Sunday, June 10, 2007


I recently posted on watching Grindhouse. By now you may or may not, dependeing on your interest, already know that there were fake trailers in between the feature films.  Some were good, some were decent, while others were outright jibbily inducing. The one that I'm talking about was directed by Eli Roth. Ever since I watched the trailer that he directed I have been of the opinion that he is in possesion of a sick and twisted mind. I also determined that I most likely won't knowingly ever watch any of his movies. True, most of his movies won't be as nasty as the trailer. To tell the truth after watching the trailer I felt dirty. If on the off chance that it is ever made into a full length straight to dvd movie I think that only the sickest of people will watch it. Yeah, it's that bad. I know that everyone in the theater cringed at a certian part of the trailer. I'm not going to describe the scene but if you've seen the trailer you most likely know what I'm talking about already. I know that they cringed because I could hear the groans and the gasps. I do believe those good indications that they cringed.