Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sneaky monkey...err...I mean dog

I swear that animals can be sneaky. What brings me to say this is that I was was outside smoking and heard a rustling, turns out it was a stray dog. I, being the gullible sucker I am, decided to call it over to pet it. I did so for a couple of minutes, tentatively at first of course.

Figuring that it must be hungry went to the car where I still had a loaf of bread. Well, the dog didn't get any food because the car was locked and I didn't feel like going inside. However, what did happen was that I got a bit of a surprise in the form of a second dog sneaking up on me.

Overall, they seemed like fairly sweet dogs but the second one was a little over eager for my liking. Meaning that I believe that it wanted to think that I had food in my hands. That didn't please me in the least. I didn't give the second dog all that much attention other than to try to keep an eye on where it was as much as possible.

I feel snookered.