Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

After I saw Revenge of the Sith, I was left a little numb. Part of the reason that I was so numb was that I was wanting to cry that the Jedi were killed. Another reason is that I was just shocked that this was happening. Yeah, I know, I know. I really shouldn't have been shocked since I knew going into it that the most of the Jedi  were going to die.
I still liked the movie despite the dark, slightly creepy feeling of the movie. Part way through the movie I had the feeling of being dirty for watching the Jedi being killed and the Republic being dismantled bit by bit. The reason that I say that I felt a bit dirty is because I just felt sick that I couldn't look away. Well, the entire movie wasn't that bad but it did have it's parts.
Warning to those who haven't yet seen the movie spoilers ahead. An example of a time that I felt like crying was after Anakin turned to the Dark Side and was given his first assignment by Sidious. His assignment was to kill the Jedi that remain on Coruscant. When Anakin went into the Council Chamber there is a group of young children who are being trained but haven't been taken as padawans hiding. They come out of hiding when they see Anakin. One of the boys asks Anakin what they should do since they are out numbered. Anakin ignites his lightsabre then the camera pans away. Despite the fact that they don't show what happens to the children, you still know.
At one point I was questioning the Republic and the Jedi. I'm not saying that I think that either are worthless but just slightly flawed. I am not saying that I thought that either should be destroyed but that they should be worked on to work out the problems. I don't think that the destruction of the Republic or the Jedi really made the problems any better but worse. I am not a supporter of the Empire. As a matter of fact I hated the Empire, because it had even more flaws than the Old Republic. Palpatine had even more problems than the entire Jedi Order combined.
After the movie I was talking to some of my friends that I went to watch Revenge with. Here's what two of them had to say:
"It (Revenge of the Sith) was much better than the first two. It meet my expectations, I was expecting it to be well done and it was. It was very dark. You leave the theater feeling dirtier, at least I did. I think that it had a lot of lessons that could be applied to life. It demostrated the cost of giving in to what you know is wrong."- Austin M.
"Overall it wasn't a disappointment.As a whole it lived up to the expectations beautafully. Even the small lines used in the movies weren't arbritary, but would prove to be valid in the future. Certain parts of the movie and quotes were wonderful personification of truths and values that are both timeless and invaluable. Episode III, more than any other movie I've seen illustrates just how "evil" evil truly is. Everyone cringes as Anakin turns, but I wonder why and if some don't cringe as their lives and the lives around them take this same, terrible change of directions." Garret J.
My opinion of Revenge of the Sith is that it is a good movie. True there are some lines that aren't well delivered. Some of the acting is a bit wooden, but when compared to Ep. I and Ep. II those problems don't seem quite as bad. I think that this is partially because of the sheer amount of action. So I think that this is a movie that any Star Wars fan should miss? No. I seriously think that every Star Wars fan should see this movie.