Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fan Films

I stumbled across a Star Wars fan film yesterday and actually enjoyed it. The name of the film is "Star Wars: Revelations" produced by Panic Struck Productions. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be, especially since I was expecting it to be flat out terrible. I'm not saying it was the best movie out there but considering the budget that they were on it wasn't half bad. The acting was a bit cheesy, the special effects were not that great. What made the movie so interesting? Well, in some ways it is a lot better than so many other fan films that I have seen, most of which have been Star Wars fan films.
Another fan film that I really thought was good is "Imperial Chopper." "Imperial Chopper" is a parody of "American Chopper." It is hilarious. Yet another funny parody is "Troops", this time the movie is a parody of "Cops"  Though I admit that the first part is funnier than the second part. In their own way these two are better than "Revelations." I think that fan films should be only compared to what they are a mimicry of so far and after that point should be judged for what they are or aren't. That is only my opinion.
If you know of any good fan films please tell me.
I should warn you that the fan films that I have posted on seem to be only playable in Quicktime. If you don't like Quicktime I'm sorry for the inconvenience.