Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's a bird, It's a plane...Oh, wait never mind.

Even though I can't stand the way that the show seems to have strayed a tad from the source material a bit to much, I find that I have gotten in the habit of watching it. I'm talking about Smallvile on the WB. An example of what I'm talking about it straying too far from the comics is black kryptonite. Um...the only reference I can find to black kryptonite is to Smallville. I might not have a problem with this if there weren't other things that bothered me about the show. Another example of something that I feel is crap about the show is that I have gotten the feeling that the writers of the show think that Jor-El is evil and that Kal-El, Clark, is evil as well. I haven't actually seen an episode with Jor-El so I don't really know how that worked.

Another problem that I have with the show is that green kryptonite seems to "magically" effect everything in one way or another. Oh, you have a slow computer? Don't put more memory in it, put a chunk of green kryptonite in it and it will be the best computer in the world. VCR broken? Go ahead, open it up and put a chunk of green kryptonite in it. Wow it works again!!! Ok enough sarcasm for this post.