Friday, June 10, 2005

"I have so many facets, you don't even know what facets are."

I found some of my old comic books that I had when I was little and when I found them I could hardly have been more excited. I didn't ever really ever have all that big of a collection but the ones that I did have I enjoyed. I also realized that my collection is split down the middle number wise between Marvel and DC. Well, I do have a recent addition from Dark Horse. I am not the avid comic book reader that I once was. I guess that I just lost interest in reading comic books. Not that I wouldn't buy or read them anymore. I think that I would buy a comic in heart beat if  I felt as if it was going to be good or, to be perfectly honest, it were a comic book that interested me and the the cover art looked cool. Yes, another facet of me is revealed.