Saturday, September 24, 2005

"Community, Identity, Stability."

I just finished reading "Brave New World" this past week. It's an alright book but I seriously doubt that I'll be putting it on my top five favorite books list. I'm not sure I like the ending, though I shouldn't have expected any other type of ending for the book. One of the reason that I read "Brave New World" in the first place was that I had to choose a book from a list to do a presentation in my British Literature II class and it happened to be on the list. Another reason that I read was that I had been wanting to read it since I had heard about it a couple semesters back in an intro to philosophy coarse.
I think that "Brave New World" is an interesting, albeit extremely odd, novel. If you are wanting to read "Brave New World" be prepared to be weirded out a little bit.