Friday, September 16, 2005

Go Team...Sort of.

It seems silly, to put it nicely, when a school has to bribe it's students to go to sporting events and then complain when they don't have school spirit. Ok, I'll explain. My school has in the past couple years adopted a program to put one hundred dollars per game into a pot and students who attend enter into the drawing. If that student isn't around when the drawing occurs than the pot rolls over to the next game and the whole process goes on until someone wins. This bribery carries on until the end of the basketball season. The school started doing this because they didn't think that enough people enough school spirit. How can they expect very many people to have school spirit when the football team sucks. Well actually they are better now than they have been in the past but still not outstanding. As if the whole bribery situation weren't laughable enough they (those who run the program) are still complain about people not having any school spirit and leaving after the drawing.
Hello!! What they think that if they wave the magic money wand over the problem that the problem would disappear? I imagine that if there is a spike in the attendance in sporting events it might be due to the possibility that there is money that can be won and not to the sudden sprouting of school spirit. I mean really I, like other college students, could do with a little more money, even if it does being bored by going to a football game. Football is fine if you like it but I personally don't want to go watch it, I have better things to do typically.