Friday, September 02, 2005

Bigwords Part II

In early August I posted on Bigwords. Well, an example of why I enjoy the website so much is that I was required to buy a book for my Western Civ class. When I went to the campus book store to check on the price it was fifty two dollars new and forty dollars used. I seriously refuse to pay for anything that expensive. So I went to Bigwords and did a search for the book that I needed and found it for three dollars and seventy five cents total. True my copy is an edition back from what the professor is requiring us to buy but it's close enough and by far less expensive. I absolutly refuse to do business with the campus book store if I don't have to. Ok, I do rent books from the book store but that's only because it costs less to rent books. I do have my grips about that program that I probably won't ever get into.
I can't stress enough how awesome Bigwords really is. If you go to Bigwords and use it to buy something it will most likely save you money, which is most often a good thing.