Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Spook Light

Ok, I know that Halloween is a way off but I have decided to post stuff that doesn't as of yet have any scientific explanations all month long at sporadic times. Think of it as an X-Files theme. First one the Spook Light at Hornet, Missouri. I admit that I have actually been out to see the Spook Light and did see it  I had been hearing about it for a few years before actually being out to see it. For those of you who have never heard of it and aren't familiar with it I will explain.
The Spook Light is a ball of light that seems to move of it's own accord. The size of the light almost always varies each time that people see it. The Spook Light has been appearing for almost 140 years now. The most popular is that it was merely will-o’-the-wisp, the name given to a outcome that is caused by the decay of wood and organic materials. The emission of light that comes from the decay often glows brightly and can be seen on occasion in wooded areas and damp regions.*
A couple of legends surrounding the Spook Light are as follows. One of them claimed the light was connected to the spirit of two young Quapaw Indians who died in the area many years ago. Another claimed the light was the spirit of an Osage Indian chief who had been beheaded on the Devil's Promenade and the light was said to be his torch as he searched for his missing head. Another legend tells of a miner whose children were kidnapped by Indians and he set off looking for them with only a lantern to light his way. The light is said to be his lantern as continues looking for the children that he will never find.*
Some skeptics say that what the Spook Light really is is just headlights from passing vehicles from the highway that is just a few miles away and the light from the headlights is refracted. I guess this is possible, likely I don't know for sure. 
I really am not sure what to believe. What should you believe? I'll leave that to you.
*astrixs indicate the info that I "stole" from the website that I linked to and changed some of the wording