Monday, September 26, 2005

Rant stuck in the on position

 I seriously can't figure out why to a lot of people the homecoming football game is so important. In my opinion making a big deal about it is just an empty headed and worthless tradition. I don't mean to come across as harsh or bitter and if I do it's just because I just don't see any point behind electing homecoming royalty and making a big fuss over a game. If it's an identity issue than those who gain a sense of identity by cheering for a team that they aren't even on than those people need a life. Coming from someone who has no life that's pretty bad. And could someone please explain what the point is behind electing royalty by popular vote? This so called royalty doesn't even have any authority to change policy or anything as far as I know so why bother running for the title or even voting for them. The only reason that I can see for people to run for the title is to gain more attention to their group but how lame is that? They have to pay twenty-five dollars or something like that to enter their candidates so in my opinion those groups are just wasting their money.
Ok, I'll stop before I get really mad.