Thursday, August 25, 2011

Caution: If you spill the content of this cup on yourself you are an idiot.

I just found an article online this morning that for some reason surprised me. The article is about a guy that bought a used video game, Dragon Age: Origin, thinking that he'd get the dlc mentioned on the back.

The idiot did not read the fine print that's included in the section that talks about the dlc. The fine print says: "One-time use code available with full retail purchase. Expires April 30, 2010."

To me and anyone who has a functioning brain would understand that to mean exactly what it means. Buy the the full retail game to get that before 4/30/2010, that is. The only other option would be to download it from the market place of whatever console the individual owns.

The part of this whole situation that makes the person, James Collins, an idiot is that he got pissed of at GameStop and sued them. The reason for the lawsuit is that GameStop allegedly has deceptive policies regarding the sale of used games.

The way that I see it there was no standing for the law suit.