Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Batman has Begun

Batman Begins is a fairly good movie and is more or less what I expected. I admit that it had things about it that I would change if I could but other than those things it was really enjoyable. The first part of the movie mostly focused on Bruce's struggle to come to terms with his parents death and to find who he really was, as well as who he really wanted to be. The movie also dealt with Bruce's attempt at starting to rid Gotham of those who are less than desirable.
The villains of Batman Begins are Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, Henri Ducard, and Ra's Al Ghul. If you haven't seen the movie and/or aren't familiar with the last two characters, the reason that I lumped them in with the criminals is because they are overzealous in their pursuit of justice and cleansing the world of evil, that they are willing to put those who have broken no laws at risk and they simply don't care. Though there is an interesting technicality regarding these two characters of the movie but I won't go into that. I honestly thought some of the scenes with the Scarecrow where a little lame but that could just be me. 
I think that Batman Begins is a decent enough of a movie that it is enjoyable. I say that even though that there were one or two places that gave me a momentary sense of the jibblies. If you absolutely want know some of the goofs, IMDb has a few.