Saturday, July 23, 2005

Huh, what just happened?!?

I think that I can say with a fairly high degree of confidence that one of the most confusing and worst movies that I have seen this year so far is Dark Heaven. I had my doubts about it when I saw the title but I decided to give it a shot. The reason that I even heard about it to begin with is that this past school year my room mate was on a quest to find and watch the best horror movie. So more often then not I ended up watching the movies with him just for the sake of watching them and not necessarily because I was actually interested in whatever the movie was. There ended up being some really bad movies. Sometimes laughably bad. Anyway my point is that Dark Heaven was most likely the most confusing and possibly the top five worst.
I'm going to ruin the movie by telling you how it ends. I'm doing you this favor because I don't want you to go through the agony that I did while watching this movie. Well agony is likely going a bit overboard, but who cares, right? The story boils down to the main character, who is a cop, in the hospital after being shot in the head and was having dreams/hallucinations that were of an apocalyptic nature. At the vary end the main character, Gabriel Goodman, ended up dying anyway so it only had to me wondering why I wasted my time watching it. I really would recommend that you not watch this movie. I would be a waste of both your time and the money it would require to rent it.