Saturday, August 13, 2005

Speculation on SW Ep. II

I was watching part of Star Wars Ep. II the other day and remembered why it is ranked as my least favorite Star Wars movie. Well, honestly I never really forgot. A reason that I and so many other people dislike Ep. II is because it seems as if the interactions between Padme and Anakin are so wooden and unbelievable. The likely causes of this is poor scripting and yes poor directing. It seems as if they took a dead cat, the movie, and decided to kill it even further by picking it up by the tail and beating it against the walll, adding more scenes with Padme and Anakin.
Not really sure since it's just specutlation. It just seems as if the scenes were Padme and Anakin interact could have been better had they casted a better actor for the role of Anakin, as well as scripting and directing the scenes better.
Please feel free to jump on in and offer your thoughts on the matter by posting comments.