Thursday, July 28, 2005

Where's my copy of the latest Nerdular Nerdence?

I feel as if I should warn you right now that this post is griping about a problem that I have with a show and there is absolutely nothing that you can say or do that will stop me. This time it's with a Stargate SG-1 episode, I'm not sure what season it was or what the episode was titled but the problem I had/have with it is that towards the end SG-1 takes the Goa'uld transport ship that they have "commandeered" through Earth by means of hyperspeed. The reason they do this is because they are having trouble deactivating a bomb that was about to go off and they thought that if they went through the planet that Earth wouldn't be destroyed. I don't think that I mentioned that they couldn't stop the ship right away. I don't remember whether or not they deactivated the bomb or not, they likely did. I can't remember because I was bugged by the fact that they went through the planet in hyperspace.
I'll explain my understanding of hyperspace to those who don't understand why this point would bother me. Yes, I understand that hyperdrives and hyperspeed don't exist but I do read sci-fi. Anyway on with the explanation, it's my understanding that if a ship is too close to a planet the safety protocols of the hyperdrive shouldn't allow the ship to go to hyperspeed. If a ship comes too close to a gravity well (planet, star, a ship with a gravity well projector) it would be pulled out. The reason that the safety protocols are in place in the hyperdrives are for the safety of the ship and for those on board it.
Part of the problem that I have with the episode of SG-1 is that there shouldn't be a path through a planet or sun that a ship(s) could possibly go through. Another problem is that unless there is a path through a solid object if you were try to go through said solid object in a ship you would crash. Trying to go through a solid object in a ship with the hyperdrive activated, assuming of course that it somehow malfunctions and doesn't deactivate, the ship will only crash harder. Well, it seems that it's either crash or end up in the center of the planet or a star.