Thursday, October 13, 2005

I see dumb people

I am seriously beginning to be of the opinion that some people are so stupid that they pose a threat to not only themselves but to others as well. What's worse is that they either don't know or don't care that they are so stupid. What brings this on is that at the crosswalks from the dorms and the football field to the main part of campus traffic lights with crossing signals for pedestrians were installed a few years back. However people don't use them as they should which makes them dangerous to themselves and pose a threat to on coming traffic. I should explain that I'm not a mean or hateful person I'm just tired of stupid people.
When I say that these stupid people pose a threat to themselves and on coming traffic they may push the button that tells the crossing signal system someone's wanting to cross but don't always wait to be told to cross. If no on coming traffic is coming it's not as bad but still quite possibly illegal but if not illegal incredibly stupid. What's worse are those people who cross when there is on coming traffic. Those of us who lived in the dorms had to do this my freshman year before the lights were installed at the two places that I mentioned but now people who do this are lazy and stupid in my opinion. I think that I should state the reason that I think that the people who cross before being told to are stupid, even though I suspect that you the reader either already know or have figured you why this stupid behavior is stupid. I think that crossing before being told to is stupid because it elevates the chance of being hit dramatically. I realize that there is always a chance of being hit even if the pedestrian has the right away. I know this because I have had a few close calls.
Am I opinionated? Yes, extremely so. I'm don't think that I'll apologize for it either. At least not yet. I do realize that nothing can be done about stupid people.