Thursday, October 06, 2005

Short Skirt and Cold Temps

It's finally cold here whether it'll stay that way for a while I have no idea. Explain to me the point of looking good if it causes discomfort. What's my point? My point is that I saw a chick wearing a short skirt(mid-thigh) and here it was 10:50ish and fairly cold. I mean I don't mind the cold. I have a little extra insulation in addition to a extremely high tolerance for the cold to begin with. So I can go without a coat until it gets really cold and snows.
Anyway back to the point. I'm not saying that Short Skirt Woman wasn't attractive I'm just confused. She would still have been attractive had she actually been wearing more clothing. She wasn't attractive because of the shor skirt. She sure would have seemed more intelligent. I guess that I am confused by this thought pattern in general. The thought pattern being that seems to be that the more skin shown the more attractive. I can certainly tell you that it seems an unfair tactic for attention.
So if anyone can please explain this behavior to me than please do so.