Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm going to have to confiscate your film

I don't entirely understand why some people are confused at my dislike of having my picture taken. I mean really it's not that hard to understand. When I say no, guess what, I mean no. Stop trying to persuade me to give into this silly thing you call capturing memories. You want to know what I call it? I call it documentation of my activities. Not that I do anything illegal or anything that I could be blackmailed for but if my activities are documented, so it steals from the mystique that I'm to surround myself in. Ok, so I'm not really trying to surround myself in a mystique but it is a bit about privecy I guess. I know, I know having my picture taken "creates bonds between my self and others" but that's nonsense. If they can't remember that something special happened and that I shared in that moment then who's fault is that? Not mine, so they should stop trying to force me to stand still and have my picture taken.

What brings this up is that some of my friends are crazy about photography. That's fine if they like it but please don't include me. I guess that I'm being a bit of a grouch but it's my life and I can tell people that I don't want my picture taken and that they should respect my wishes.