Friday, February 17, 2006


In today's issue of the school newspaper there was an article about how more security cameras are going to be installed in the near future. In the paper there is always a section where they ask random students about an issue that was written about in that weeks paper. This week it was about the security cameras. One of the comments was so stupid, ok maybe not stupid but excedingly ignorant as to border on idiotic. The comment, and you know I'm qouting, was "I don't think they should put cameras on campus. There isn't even crime on campus or in Dumpusville. They are just wasting our money." I for obviouse reasons changed the name of the town.

I admit that Dumpusville,USA doesn't have as much crime as any of the larger cities but to blatently say that it has absolutely no crime whatsoever is crazy. I know for a fact that there have been crimes commited on campus, not serious ones but crimes all the same. I know this because the annual release of the stats of the crimes commited over the course of the year was released within the last month. So to say that there have been no crimes commited on campus is even crazier. I'm not saying that my school is unsafe, as a matter of fact I'd go the other way and say that it is fairly safe. I feel as safe as I reasonably can.

In case you are wondering I haven't named my school in the year that I've been blogging and I don't plan on starting so don't ask me since I'm not going to name my school.