Monday, January 16, 2006

First of Second

Today was te first day of the spring semester. Nothing special since it was just a typical first day, which means that we got the syllabus for the course and went over it and questions were answered. After all that released early, nothing special. I think that most of my courses will be fine and only expect trouble with my Human Anatomy course. I haven't had any anatomy courses since my senior year in high school, in other words four years ago. I hope that I remember enough to make it through the course well enough.

A funny thing about my anatomy course is that my professor had everyone say what their major is and most are pre-med, physical education and things of that sort and what am I other than the odd ball. Psychology. Yep, pretty much from left field in terms of what one might expect of one to be taking the course. But than again I am going for a B.S. in psychology which means I have to take more in math or science. With that said it may make more sense to you that I'm taking an anatomy course. Well, ok not funny ha ha but still amusing.