Saturday, December 10, 2005

Godzilla v. Santa

I find it mildly amusing that the on-campus coffee shop has gone through redecoration, in the last few months. Why do I find this amusing? Because what they think as improvements aren't. I mean seriously how are big clocks and odd paint colours an improvement? I don't consider myself an expert in decorating, as a matter of fact my idea of decorating is putting posters up on the walls and putting an area rug on tile. That's my method of decorating my dorm room in a nut shell. The official story for the redecoration is that they want students to feel more comfortable in the coffee shop/computer lab. They didn't want the bland institutional off-white paint on the walls. My view is that if they have good coffee that's all that matters other than the place is clean and the people serving the coffee are quick and courteous as well as know their stuff. If the coffee is good it will sell its self.

I guess that I'm just a bit odd in the sense that when on the rare occurrence that I go to coffee shops I go for the company and the coffee not the way that the place is decorated. The coffee shop could be a bare warehouse but if the coffee were good and those selling the coffee were honest,straight forward people I would go. Each to their own I guess.

While I'm thinking about it a problem that I have with coffee shops as a whole is the price of their coffee is so steep, in my opinion, that it almost isn't worth buying. That could just be me though because I'm a bit cheap when it comes to spending money.