Saturday, December 10, 2005

Rules of Engagement

Since there has been a spike in comments recently I have decided to declare what my policy on commenting is. I don't mind commenters that mention their websites/blog as long as somewhere in the comment they touch on what I said in the post. However if the comment is vulger/obscene I will delete it and possibly ban the commenter from commenting. I will do the same thing if the commentors website contains obscenity.

Why? Because I don't want people associating my website with vulgarity/obcenity. I'm not saying that I have much of a problem with vulgar language but I don't know who is going to visit my blog. Since I don't know who will be visiting here I don't want to have a possible reader driven away.

Update: There is some wiggle room on my policy so don't worry if it happens occasionally. Part of the wiggle room being that if I'm more familiar with you through various means or if it happens only occasionally.