Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Flung Poo

Ugh, I wish that I had gotten around to giving my roommate the boot when I first thought of it. He just does stuff that annoys me but if I just had to put up with him it would be at least tolerable, since he's intelligent enough not to be a pain in the butt because of a lack of intelligence. But I have to put up with his idiotic friends that have the average intelligence of a rhesus monkey. That probably isn't fair to a couple of them but they just get on my nerves. I know I would fail if I went into bussiness as a goat shepard, is that even the correct term?

I even went as far as making a list of friends to ask about switching rooms to become roommates next semester. What happened to that list it's probably still a book mark for the book for the Western Civ document book that was a required buy. Hey, it may not be too late the first couple weeks of next semester. One can only hope.