Friday, October 14, 2005


It's nice. Tuesday and Wedensday of this week the honor English club, whatever it's called exactly, had a book sale. I'm talking used books. They do this every year as a fundraiser sort of thing but what they have to raise money for I don't know. That's off the point that I was trying to making. The point I was wanting to make is that on Tuesday I had about half an hour before my literature class started and the book sale was set up right inside the door of the building. After looking for a couple minutes I found about three sci-fi books that I was interested, however I only bought two of them at the time since I only had enough money on me at the time to buy two. Later on in the day I went back to the book sale to look for one or two more interesting books. Yep, you may have guessed I found a couple. Well, one of them was a three in one edition of a trilogy. One of the exciting things about this whole experience was that all of the books that I bought were fifty cents each so all said and done I spent only two dollars for four books, that is if you count the three in one only once.