Monday, October 31, 2005

Elected to Know

Today before my Western Civilization class started some of the people in my class were talking about what their majors are. When they found out that I'm a psychology major and am just taking the course as a elective they gave me weird looks as if they couldn't believe that I would actually choose to take the class. After they gave me the disbelieving looks I was thinking something along the lines that I want to have as much of a well rounded education as possible and not limit myself to just a fairly narrow area of knowledge. I would rather know at least a little bit about a breadth of things than just a lot about one area. I know that shouldn't do this too much while still in college but I feel as if I might be better suited to do more things outside of college. I could very well be wrong but even if I am wrong I will still will have this knowledge that I might not have gained otherwise.