Thursday, October 20, 2005


I sometimes wish that there were a better place to study than the library. What I mean is that sometimes the library here on campus is just about the worst place to study and others it's the best place to study. What that means is that during the more busy times there can be hardly anywhere to sit and study. Than there is also the problem of the dumb/rude people talking so loudly that you can hear them from across the library.
I did say that if the library is can be the best place to study. What I mean is that if you were to hit the library at just the right time it's wonderfully quiet. It's typically this way about an hour before it closes and anywhere from half an hour from opening to an hour after opening during the week. On the weekend it's a little better because the quiet lasts longer.
There are generally places withing the library that can be gone to to get away from all of the hustle. These places are the study rooms. The study rooms are a fairly decent place to go because they are just quiet enough and small enough to give the illusion of being all alone in the library.
What brought this little rant on is that I was in the library for a little while this afternoon reading the current issue of Popular Science and one of the student workers for the library really doesn't know how to speak quietly at all.